Twitter Beef: Andre Berto vs Victor Ortiz


Without a doubt , Andre Berto and Victor Ortiz are two of the biggest names in boxing today. Both have led very successful though turbulent careers. After two failed attempts at a rematch, the men are now a opening old wounds via social media. Words exchanged between Berto and Ortiz on Twitter have boxing fans thinking one thing: Berto vs Ortiz 2015.

In 2010, the two boxer’s faced off in a bout that would be named Fight of the Year. Ortiz gave Berto his first professional loss and captured the WBC Welterweight Championship. Two separate dates were set for the men to meet for a second fight but injury and a positive banned substance test on the part of Berto prevented this from happening.

This opened the door for Victor Ortiz to face Josesito Lopez on June 23, 2012. Ortiz suffered a broken jaw, which lead to him throwing in the towel at the beginning of the tenth round. Ortiz didn’t enter the ring for over a year, then he met with Luis Callazo , January 30, 2014. Callazo landed a right hook to the previously injured jaw of Ortiz, sending him to the canvas for a ten count. The boxing world immediately began to doubt Ortiz’s passion for the sport, especially with the looming premier of his big screen debut in The Expandables 3.

Berto went on to face Robert ‘The Ghost’ Guerrero, after his boxing license was reinstated(it was found to be a false positive drug test, due to contamination),  on November 24, 2012. This proved to be a very tough match for him. Even though he gave it his all, it wasn’t enough. After being dropped twice in the early rounds and suffering two severely swollen eyes, Berto lost via unanimous decision. His return to the ring wouldn’t be for another eight months when he would face Jesus Soto Karass, July 27, 2013. Berto would find himself gaining another loss after a surprising twelfth round TKO. In boxing, no matter who you are, after two straight losses, the fans and the boxer begin losing hope; Berto cried at the end of fight. After a year layoff following shoulder surgery, Berto made a successful return to the ring verses Steve Upsher, in which he won by unanimous decision. This performance was mediocre, to be completely honest. Though Upsher is talented, he is not at the same level as Berto. With that being said, Upsher seemed to outshine Berto at various moments of the fight. Not to mention, Berto’s accuracy and strength seemed way off in comparison to previous bouts. 

Now these guys have moved from the ring to social media. Recently, Andre Berto tweeted directly to Victor Ortiz:

Victor, I’m more Mexican than you are. Stop poppin off, you’re a tough guy shit. We all know that’s not you.

He continued to torment Ortiz:

To all of my Mexican fans and fighters, do you think that Victor Ortiz represents you well in the ring? @ him and tell him how you feel.

Ortiz responded:

Careful what you wish for Berto. This time I’m going to put you to sleep.

With all that being said, can you really take these guys seriously? Do they have something to prove? Or is this just an attempt at getting the fans worked up over a fight to bring in the numbers? We’ve seen this same marketing strategy used by Floyd Mayweather; build the drama and the fans will come. Yes, it works for the pound for pound King of Boxing, but for these two?  I’m not so sure. Not taking away from the talent and heart of either fighter but they both need a few more successful fights before pushing towards a fight with each other. However, until any official confirmation, this is just two guys pestering each other online. Keep your eyes on this situation; it may be a good one.

Article By:  Carlos Carbajal    Twitter @boxinglyfestyle    @thefightguru