Rubio won’t dent Gennady Golovkin’s perfect record.


The management of Gennady Golovkin have a difficult problem. How do you find opponents for a fighter who seems to be feared by every boxer on the planet? Golovkin’s frankly scary power coupled with his tidy, aggressive style and undervalued defence make finding match-ups for him, particularly at elite level, nigh on impossible. This trend continues into this fight, with Marco Antonio Rubio seemingly posing no more threat than any of Golovkin’s previous opponents. But at the StubHub centre in California, the home of another world title upset in Kell Brook’s outpointing of Shawn Porter, could Golovkin finally be beaten?
The general opinion is no. Golovkin is squaring off against a man who holds few, arguably no notable victories over world level opposition, and has been defeated on the rare occasions he has attempted to make the step up, against Julio Cesar Chaves Jr and Kelly Pavlik. What he does have going for him, which none of Golovkin’s previous opponents have had, is knockout power. His 77 percent KO rating makes this a slightly more exciting fight than it may seem at face value. Unfortunately for Rubio, his style is not one taylor made for defeating Golovkin. He lacks any real speed, making connecting on Golovkin with consistency, something necessary in order to defeat him, difficult. Golovkin’s defence is also underrated, his slips and weaves making him hard to hit, especially for a fighter without real accuracy. Whilst Rubio does have a punchers chance, arguably more so than any of Golovkin’s previous opponents, he doesn’t have the technical ability to truly pose a threat to GGG’s undefeated record. I wouldn’t bet on this one going the distance either, the fighters share 78 knockouts in 89 contests, and with Golovkin yet to reach round 9, the smart money would suggest A Golovkin knockout, as it always is, is the wisest bet. 
This poses a further question, who could beat Golovkin? I in no way believe Golovkin has swept up the 160 lb division. With fighters like Cotto, Quillin and Martinez still around, he has opponents there that would pose serious threats, and would be in with real chances of dethroning him. Whilst Gennady’s power makes outboxing him for 12 rounds without taking a clean shot incredibly difficult, the calibre of fighters still present certainly suggests he hasn’t in any way cleaned up his weight. Floyd Mayweather’s name is bandied around virtually every fighter, including Golovkin’s, but anything other than a lopsided decision for “Pretty Boy” would be nothing short of amazing. 
If Andre Ward returns from his protracted contract dispute with his promoter, he would, in my opinion, be perfectly capable of defeating Golovkin with his speed and accuracy, a combination necessary for GGG to be beaten.
Marco Antonio Rubio, however, does not have these abilities, and aside from being able to land a one punch KO, will struggle to live with the intricacies of Golovkin’s style. There are fighters who can beat Golovkin, Rubio is not one of them.
Article By  Daniel Teague        Twitter   @DTeaguey
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