Is the Audley Harrison circus coming to town?


Last Thursday when mildly anticipated domestic grudge match between Nathan Cleverly and Tony Bellew was announced as a pay-per view bout, the response on social media was one of disgruntlement and the sense that Eddie Hearn was pushing to hard on this occasion. However what really has me concerned is that there many fans on social media saying they would pay the £15 if Audley Harrison was added to the card! What had me even more concerned is that Eddie Hearn revealed he is “thinking about it!”.

I really can’t see the reasoning behind this. If anything it’s only going to weaken the card and I fear it’s another obvious attempt by Sky Sports to attract the “casual fans”. First of all who is he going to fight. Anthony Joshua has been mentioned, but I don’t see the point in putting arguably the most gifted fighter to come out of the UK in recent years in a circus show with Audley Harrison. Anthony Joshua needs to be fighting credible opponents and not wasting his time on 42 year old, hasn’t fought for 16 months Audley Harrison. Not to mention his last performance was over in under a round.

I cannot see the reasoning in any way, shape or form, especially when Matchroom sport have the biggest and best stable in the UK and probably Europe. It would be a perfect opportunity to give one of their many prospects a great chance to perform on a higher platform and build their profile. The only thing that will benefit if Audley is added to the show in Liverpool is his wallet. To be fair to Audley he spoke some sense (when not talking about his own career) when recently on Ringside and he could easily get a job on TV after a successful appearance on Big Brother.

It’s not like he’s not had enough chances. With British Boxing in the best state for a long time, the last thing it needs is an injection of Audley Harrison.

By Adam Noble-Forcey