Exclusive Interview With UFC Fighter Soa The Hulk Palelei


TheFightGuru.Com:   Hi Soa Thank you for doing this interweiw today.

TheFightGuru.Com:   How did you get in to the  sport of Mixed Martial Arts?

Soa ‘The HulkPalelei:  It started off with boxing as a young kid just to stay out of trouble, then wrestling and moved into brazilian jig jitsu from there MMA was the next thing as i could utilise all the arts and techniques, i always excelled at the different martial arts and i grew a passion for the sport and have been at it for a long time now being a 1st degree brazilian jig jitsu black belt and being signed with the worlds best MMA organisation the UFC.

TheFightGuru.Com:  What’s your favorite strike/submission to use in any fight?

Soa ‘The HulkPalelei:  Im known for ground and pound thats just what “The Hulk” does he gets angry and he Hulk Smashes lol.

TheFightGuru.Com:  Who is your biggest inspiration?

Soa ‘The HulkPalelei:  Id have to say my children i have 2 girls and a boy and they are amazing kids, they all play their respective sports and excel at it, the girls get up at 5am every morning and swim  if they can do that and still go to school and then do it again after school i too train my butt off so that i can keep working towards my goal of one day fighting for the gold the heavyweight belt, they keep me.

  TheFightGuru.Com:  Which team are you training with in preparation for your next bout?

Soa ‘The HulkPalelei:  Im working with AKA Thailand with former UFC Fighter Mike Swick his facility in Thailand is insane i have been in alot of gyms around the world and this one is way up there. I have been here for quite some time and will finish of back in perth before heading over to Sydney with the team and Mike will also be there, the training here is insane and its honestly one of the best training camps i have had.

TheFightGuru.Com: We see by your record that you like to go for the knockout.do you go into every fight looking for the KO?

Soa ‘The HulkPalelei:  It depends on how it plays out but i am known for that, it all just depends on what happens in the octagon.

 TheFightGuru.Com: What does it mean for you to be a fighter in the ufc?

Soa ‘The HulkPalelei:  Its an absolute honour to be with the world top MMA Organisation the best of the best, thats why i keep working hard because its no joke all the guys in the division are tough and i want to be up there with the best.

TheFightGuru.Com:  What separates you from every other fighter in your division?

Soa ‘The HulkPalelei:  Im just me, I’m easy going yet driven i don’t like to stay still I’m always looking for things to do, i see myself as a business man and i want to keep growing my brand that is Soa “The Hulk”.

 TheFightGuru.Com:  with MMA/UFC exploding in Australia.Do you think it will be long before we see the first Australian ufc champion?

Soa ‘The HulkPalelei:  That would be a dream and something I’m working towards i want to keep fighting in the hopes of one day being able to fight for the heavy weight belt, thats the goal.

TheFightGuru.Com:  If you could have one dream fight with anyone, who would it be?

Soa ‘The HulkPalelei:  Whom ever Joe Silva thinks i should fight,I’m not the type to call other fighters out its just not me, ill fight whom I’m told to and i respect each and everyone of the fighters.

TheFightGuru.Com:  What do you want to be remembered for at the end of your career?

Soa ‘The HulkPalelei:  For being a great athlete someone who the fans loved to come and watch and made an a name for himself in the sport.

TheFightGuru.Com:  Thank for the interview soa and good luck in your next fight

Soa ‘The HulkPalelei:  Thank you for your time and interviewing me, i would like to thank my sponsors Mackboots, Southern Crossfit, R9WA, Limousine Excursions, Pier 42 resort and spa, My Urban Swagga, Stunning Smiles, Innovative Hair Loss Solutions, SuperStars and Legends, Lakes Designer Meats, Peaches Fresh Food, Empire Property Solutions, Visi, A.P Concreting and Thinkin IT. My team and lastly but not least “The Hulk” family….


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