Exclusive interview with Chris Roknrola Jenkins


TheFightGuru.Com:  Alrite Chris hows it going today mate?

Chris Jenkins:  All good this end just chilling with my crazy two year old twins before smashing a gym session tonight with the governor.

TheFightGuru.Com:  how did you start boxing and why?

Chris Jenkins:  I started boxing after dropping my youngest brother to the gym and on the way walking home I told my mother that I fancied a go at it looks awesome and that was 14 years ago best decision I have ever made.

TheFightGuru.Com:  What was your amateur background like and what was your record?

Chris Jenkins:   I had a very busy amateur career boxed in two commonwealth games 2006 Australia at 17 years old then 2010 in India also boxed in number of international tournaments as well as world championships from school boy to senior level .I’m unsure of my record I had around 90 fights lost around 20 odd give or take.

TheFightGuru.Com:  when did you turn professional and whats your professional record?

Chris Jenkins:  I decided to turn over to pros after the world champs think it was 2010-2011 after I lost a fight I thought I won but I had the style of a pro n it didn’t suit the am scoring system my record so far as a pro is 15 win out of 15 with 7 coming by ko’s.

TheFightGuru.Com: who are you currently being trained by and which gym do you train at?

Chris Jenkins:  I’m currently trained by my coach Ronnie Morris been with him since I first put a set of gloves on also with the help from Jimmy bro field he’s trained a few pros also with the man on the pads Steph Davies he’s been with me for a good 12 years he one of the best on the pads imo.

TheFightGuru.Com: who are some of the fighters that you admire most?

Chris Jenkins:   I look up to joe calzague on his work rate and how he would brake an opponent down with combos and out working them also Ricky Hatton his body shots where deadly.

TheFightGuru.Com: how did it feel when you won prizefighter?

Chris Jenkins:  That night will be with me forever and a grate story to tell my boys. I knew I had the ingredients to win it I trained hard in camp and it showed on the night winning three fights in three different styles.

TheFightGuru.Com:  Who are some of the fighters that you have sparred with, past and present?

Chris Jenkins:  I’ve sparred with many top fighters in sparring the likes of gav Rees Gary buck land lee sells Craig Evans the Walsh bros from Norwich the list goes on tbh.

 TheFightGuru.Com: Descride a typical training day for you.

Chris Jenkins:  Typical day for myself while in camp will start in the morning around 9:30am.I will do a nice 3-7 mile run or mix it up by doing a few hours on the  mountain bike or maybe sprint session it really depends on what the boss wants me to do, after that I’ll just chill with my wife and twin boys through the day till its graft time at 6pm up the gym with Ron most likely do 15 rounds mixing it up between bags pads n shadow a  curcit n a skip to cool down but some times I may just go in the gym n spar 10 rounds n finish with few rounds shadow cut it n a skip.

 TheFightGuru.Com:  what is your best asset in the ring?

Chris Jenkins:   Best asset for me is I have a really good gas tank and my fitness is what I focus on, also work my jab well n mix shots up in the ring switching body to head a lot.

TheFightGuru.Com:  It’s always fun to ask this question; if you could fight anyone past or present who would it and why?

Chris Jenkins:  Who ever pays me the most my wife loves to shop online lol.

TheFightGuru.Com:  Thank you for your time chris .Any final message to the fans?

Chris Jenkins:   Big big big thank you to my family friends n Sponcer’s also a big up to the Rok N Rola fans!!!!! Supports awesome from everyone and give me a follow on Twitter @chrisrokn for news on how training is going and when my next outing is likely to be, also a big thank you to you guys yes for the interview appreciate it.

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