Exclusive interview with usa prospect David Close Chaves


TheFightGuru.Com :  Good afternoon David, how are you doing today? 

David Close Chaves :  I’m doing great, thanks, just getting ready to hit the gym!

TheFightGuru.Com :  Please tell us your age & where you are from.

David Close Chaves :  I am 18 years old, and I’m from a small town in Massachusetts called Hudson.

TheFightGuru.Com :  Starting at the beginning, how did you first get your start into the sport of boxing?

David Close Chaves :  I always wanted to box when I was a kid. My great uncle Pat Demers was a professional lightweight boxer, and growing up, I always admired him. Nobody else in my family has boxed since then, and I want to bring the sport back in my family. The problem was that I couldn’t afford any boxing gyms around Hudson, MA when I 14 years old. I finally found a gym where the trainer saw my potential and helped me out, and looked at me more than just a customer.

TheFightGuru.Com :  Growing up, who are some of the fighters that you admired most?

David Close Chaves :  I admired my uncle Pat Demers obviously, but the pros I looked up to were Marvin Hagler and Rocky Marciano, because my mom’s family is from Brockton, MA, just like them. I also loved watching Mike Tyson, Micky Ward, and Manny Paquiao’s bouts.

TheFightGuru.Com : What are you up to at the moment?

David Close Chaves : I’m actually training for my first amateur bout right now, and I am planning to be 1-0 after the fight! I’ve been upping my conditioning in the gym, and sparring basically every other day, so I’ve got a great feeling about it.

TheFightGuru.Com :  Who are you currently being trained by? and which gym do you train at?

David Close Chaves :  I’m being trained by a set of twin boxing coaches, Matt and Mark Nolan. These guys are the best, they really see my potential. I train out of their gym in Waltham, MA, called Sorabella Training Center. It’s a new gym, but it is well on its way. The guys are even planning an expansion too.

TheFightGuru.Com :  What is your daily routine for training?

David Close Chaves :   Right now, I’m really focusing on getting my endurance up. I’ve been doing heavy calisthenics and training mostly at night. I’ve been told to keep the weight training light to keep my speed up since I’m a shorter fighter, so that’s what I’ve been doing. I usually start out with 3-5 rounds of jump rope to warm up, and then a few rounds on the heavy bag along with some sparring. After that it’s up to my trainers on which workouts I’ll do on a given night. Sorabella workouts can get pretty creative, and they are always switching things up.

TheFightGuru.Com :How would you describe your fighting style?

David Close Chaves :  I’m an inside fighter for sure. That’s actually how I got my nickname, David “Close” Chaves. I am not a brawler by any means, and I LOVE to counter punch, it’s my specialty! I have a very traditional stance and defense, which seem to work very good.

TheFightGuru.Com : What are your thoughts on the current state of boxing and where do you see yourself in it 5 years from now?

David Close Chaves :  I do not think that the sport is dying at all, like most people do, and I just that some fighters now a days care more about having a perfect record than giving their devoted fans a fight worthwhile. Many athletes have been getting busted for steroids and other athletic enhancers, and that is bad for our sport. According to some trainers (i.e. Freddie Roach), these new strength and conditioning coaches are the ones who are bringing these enhancers into the sport. 5 years from now , I hope to see myself having a dominant amateur career, in even better shape, and even winning a few competitions.

TheFightGuru.Com :  If you could face any boxer from the past or present, who would it be and why?

David Close Chaves :  I think it would have to be Micky Ward. I feel like our styles are very similar, we are roughly the same height and weight, and I loved watching him fight as a kid. He’s a tough fighter, and utilizes the “head, body” shots, just like I do.

TheFightGuru.Com :  Thank you for your time David.  Any final message to the fans?

David Close Chaves :  Thank you for having me! All I want to say is stay motivated, never underestimate an opponent, and stay away from drugs or any other negative influences in your life. Boxing is hard enough!

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